Allen Iverson comes to the 2017 NBA LIVE Mobile Winter Program!

For the first time in Season 2, the Answer steps onto the court and into the NBA lineup!

That's right NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson is back in NBA LIVE Mobile as part of our Fire and Ice Program.

Starting December 22-29, anyone who logs into NBA LIVE Mobile will receive an 80 OVR Allen Iverson AND Ben Simmons*. That's right - just for logging in you
get one of the game's greatest legends and potential superstar.

Iverson will go into your Classic lineup while Simmons finds a home in your NBA lineup. You can also upgrade this version of the players into 83 OVR Masters
by collecting gold fire and ice players and completing the Sets.

Iverson is your Ice Master” and Simmons is your Fire” Master.

Then, things get really interesting...

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for this season of NBA LIVE Mobile - as classic players could only be in that lineup and vice versa. To get 91 OVR versions, you need to complete the Sets
for both 87 OVR players.

It is possible to obtain to both Master versions of the players and put them into the lineup of your choosing.

We're super stoked to give you the opportunity to add different players to your lineups.

There is a lot more in store when it comes to our Fire & Ice program as we make our way torwards Christmas and the New Year.

Make sure to login daily so you don't miss a thing.

NBA opens voting for 2018 All-Star Game

The NBA has opened an early period for All-Star voting, allowing fans to cast their votes for the 67th All-Star Game which will be played at Staples Center on
Sunday, Feb. 18.

nba live mobile coins offered a 24/7 customer service for nba live mobile coins Buying In order to offer you the most satisfied online shopping service, we provide 24/7 customer service for players to buy nba live mobile coins. Fans can vote on and through the NBA's official mobile application starting today while the other voting avenues will open on Christmas Day.

For the second consecutive year, media members, NBA players and fan voting will determine the All-Star game starters. Fans will account for 50 percent of the
vote, while players and select media will account for 25 percent each.

Fan voting updates will be shared on Jan. 4 and Jan. 11 with voting will concluding on Jan. 15. Starters for the game will be announced on Jan. 18 with full
rosters finalized on Jan. 25.

There is a new format for choosing All-Star teams this season. The player from each conference who receives the most fan votes will be appointed captain and
will then draft teams from the player pool of starters and reserves, forming mixed conference teams.

There are numerous ways fans can cast their votes. The league detailed those options in a release issued on Wednesday:

How to vote: voting page at Fill out one full ballot per day (per day is defined as once every 24 hours) on from a desktop or mobile
browser. Fans can select up to two guards and three frontcourt players from each conference when choosing starters. During the five "2-for-1 Days," votes
through this channel will be counted twice.

NBA App: Access the ballot and vote through the app, which is available on Android and iOS. Fans can fill out one full ballot per day, and select up to two
guards and three frontcourt players from each conference when choosing starters. During the five "2-for-1 Days," votes through this channel will be counted

Facebook: Post the player's first and last name along with the hashtag #NBAVOTE on your personal Facebook account. Each post may include only
one player's name. Fans may post votes for 10 unique players per day from Dec. 25 - Jan. 15.

Twitter: Tweet, retweet or reply with an NBA player's first and last name or Twitter handle, along with the hashtag #NBAVOTE. Each tweet may include
only one player's name or handle. Fans may vote for 10 unique players per day from Dec. 25 - Jan. 15.

Google Search: Search "NBA Vote All-Star" or "NBA Vote Team Name" (i.e., NBA Vote Warriors) and use respective voting cards to select teams and then
players. Fans may submit votes for 10 unique players per day from Dec. 25 - Jan. 15.

Amazon Alexa: To vote via Amazon Alexa, the user must have an Alexa-enabled device, and enable the "NBA All-Star" skill. To submit a vote, the user
can open the skill with, "Alexa, open NBA All-Star," and then request to vote for his or her player of choice. Voters can submit a maximum of one
player name per request to Alexa. Users can submit votes for 10 unique players per Amazon account each day from Dec. 25 - Jan. 15.

Sina Weibo and Tencent: To vote on Sina Weibo (, the user must have a Sina Weibo account. To vote via Sina Weibo, voters must visit, and select up to 10 players. To vote on Tencent NBA community, the user must have a QQ account. To vote via Tencent NBA community,
voters must visit, and select up to 10 players.

Deconstructing NBA Live Mobile: Why EA can't replicate Madden Mobile's success

In order to let you realize your heroic dream, we work hard to keep full in stock nba live mobile coins include every server. nba live mobile coins will save more delivery time for you. If you love the game of basketball, now is a very exciting time to be an NBA fan.

The game has changed considerably over the past few years; ask fans and retired players, and they will tell you that the pace is faster, players are more
evenly sized and interchangeable among positions, which leads to more ball movement and strategic gameplay.

nba live mobile coins get 15 minutes delivery at nba live mobile coins. The aggressive use of the 3-point shot has introduced a new dynamic where a 20-point lead can easily dissolve with a couple of strikes beyond the arc. No team
embodies this fresh style of basketball more vividly than the Golden State Warriors, a team that the NBA is all too happy to promote in marketing its brand.

At the time of this writing, EAs NBA Live Mobile is closing on its one-year anniversary and is a top 100 grossing app, but it isnt a consistent top 20 title.

We are in the heat of the NBA playoffs, prime time for the NBA to showcase its best talent, and this weekend NBA Live Mobile only manages to reach #39 on the
iPhone top grossing charts (by comparison, EAs Madden Mobile topped at #2 during the NFL playoffs).

This is surely below the sight lines of EAs expectations; it spends years developing titles, iterating and polishing to groom its next billion dollar franchise.

To compare console offerings - NBA 2K17 has sold 3.6 million copies while Madden NFL has sold four million copies (US sales figures from, PS4 and
XBox One).

When the NBA product is so strong, and the brand has its best marketing with the playoffs in full swing, NBA Live Mobile isnt making the strides it should be - but

In my analysis, I will deconstruct Past, Present, and Future of NBA Live Mobile in an attempt to explain the decisions made in creating this product and where I believe it needs to go in the future in order to win.

1The past: The EA Sports Mobile Playbook: Why EA wanted to re-use its winning playbook from Madden Mobile, and the five pillars of that playbook
2The present: Where NBA Live is Falling Short: A case study of NBA Live Mobile using two other titles (Madden Mobile and NBA 2K17) to understand where NBA Live
Mobile is falling short and not winning
3The future: Paving the Road Ahead for NBA Live Mobile: Understanding mobile as a medium for games and sports, and a proposal for an NBA gaming product

NBA's Shoemaker ending China stint

nba live mobile coins get 15 minutes delivery at nba live mobile coins. Canadian departing after seven successful years at the helm
David Shoemaker will step down as CEO of NBA China after the 2017-18 season, the National Basketball Association announced on Tuesday.
The Canadian, who began the job in June 2011, will depart with the North American league's business booming in its biggest overseas market.
He will continue to lead NBA China through the current season and will play an active role in the recruitment of his successor.
Under David's leadership, our game and business in China have seen unprecedented popularity and growth," said NBA commissioner Adam Silver.
We are grateful for David's contribution during his tenure as CEO and are fortunate that he'll be with us through the season to assist with the transition."
Speaking to China Daily in his Beijing office, Shoemaker described his decision to step aside as "bittersweet and very emotional".
It's been an incredibly rewarding seven years for me here. We've accomplished amazing things," said the 46-year-old from Ottawa.
But it's a perfect time to part as the business has never been stronger and the NBA has never been more popular in China."
Under Shoemaker's leadership, the NBA has developed into arguably the most successful professional sports league in China, boasting a ginormous fan base and unrivaled media exposure.
One of the major achievements of his tenure was the NBA's partnership with Chinese internet service provider Tencent to live-stream a record number of games and deliver content to PC and mobile platforms.
A total of 453 million viewers watched the NBA on Tencent last year, while another 750 million tuned in on TV.
nba live mobile coins continues to aim at provide you with cheapest products. The first, we have huge stock of cheap nba live mobile coins. The second, there are always promotions here to make our price low. Both these reasons can make our nba live mobile coins cheap. The NBA's social-media stats also speak volumes - the league has 140 million followers, the most of all sports leagues. Commercially it is also leading the way, with a record number of marketing partners - 24.
The success has exceeded my expectations from 2011. I wouldn't have imagined it could become so successful," said Shoemaker, who was president of the Women's Tennis Association before joining the NBA.
From expanding the broadcast of our games to establishing elite NBA academies as well as landmark partnerships in both the private and public sectors - there is so much energy and momentum around the league's business and the game of basketball in China. It's been incredible to be part of it."
Another notable feat under Shoemaker's watch was a partnership with the Ministry of Education, signed in October 2014 and expanded in June 2015, to add basketball to school curricula across the country. This term, over two million students from 2,000 schools have learned their hoops skills under the NBA's tutelage.
The league has furthered its educational reach at three NBA-standard basketball academies in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces and Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, while the NBA's first high-performance training center in China opened in 2011 in Dongguan, Guangdong province.
I have high confidence that the NBA will become even more popular, and because more and more Chinese are starting to play the game, it's just a matter of time before we see a steady stream of Chinese playing in the NBA. That day is not too far away."
Shoemaker believes technology will play a big part on his successor's to-do list.
New technologies such AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality) have opened up new opportunities to keep developing the NBA China brand and business to new horizons," he said.
Shoemaker's total 10-year stint (including his WTA period) in China has not only been a resounding professional success. He met his wife, Jennifer Hsiung, a Canadian TV news anchor who works for China Central Television, here and the couple now have three children.
We've really enjoyed our lives here. I am very pleased that our children grew up here, learning the language and culture, but it's time to go home," he said.